What size is best for my business?

Use the table below to get an idea of the size of a system that will be suitable for your business.

System Size (kWp) Small Business Medium Business Large Business Extra Large Business Energy Generated per year (kWhr) Approx. Savings in your Electricity bill* per year
10 1,400 $3,500
15 21,350 $5,300
20 28,400 $7,000
30 42,700 $10,600
50-80 70,000-114,000 $17,500-$28,500
100 140,000 $35,000

* Based on average electricity cost of $0.25 cents / kWHr, 5.1hr sun per day. Note: Based on 100% solar consumption.

To determine what solar system size is best for your business, one of our CEC Accredited Assessors will firstly determine:
  • your base electricity loading during sunlight hours
  • your roof size and type
  • your payback period & return on investment

Once our assessment is complete we will provide you with a no obligation comprehensive proposal.