Residential Solar

We are one of New South Wales most trusted solar companies with 5,000 installations ranging from 1.5kW to 1MW throughout the state. We have serviced clients such as Origin Energy, AGL Solar, Harvey Norman Commercial and Sydney Water, currently and in the past, to name a few.

What we do

We design, supply and install residential solar systems to suit your budget and requirements from small systems to suit retirees to larger systems to suit growing families. With new advances in technology we are now able to offer solutions with and without battery storage.

How we do it

We pride ourselves on listening to our client’s needs first, designing and tailoring a system to suit their needs and recommending the best products for their particular application.  We personalise our service with onsite, no obligation, solar assessments, then manage the whole installation in-house with our team of highly trained installers.


We provide our monitoring service for all our residential installations, giving our clients access to their solar system’s performance. We also keep a close eye on the system, ensuring that it is performing at its optimum.


We provide a scheduled maintenance service to ensure your system is operating at its optimum level.  This service includes inspecting all electrical components, comparing historical data and carrying out all necessary repairs.  We also include a thermal imaging survey to identify any faults developing in solar modules.


Cleaning is an essential part of any residential system to ensure built-up dust and dirt is not reducing its performance.  Professional cleaning alone can increase a system’s performance by at least 10%.  We provide a cleaning schedule for our clients to ensure this valuable service is maintained through the life of the system.

System Capacity Increases

Additional household items like a new pool, air conditioning, sauna & spa for your home can increase electrical demand on your current electrical supply.  Your existing solar may not have accounted for this increase in demand.  We can expand your system to the appropriate size including applications to local supply authorities and amalgamation of new and existing systems.

Energy Storage

Although this technology is still developing there are systems available that will store your surplus energy rather than exporting it to the grid. We have storage ready solutions that make it easy to add storage in the future. We also have storage now solutions with batteries from Tesla, LG and Enphase.

Design and Specification Assistance

MPV Solar is regularly called on by architects and engineers to provide assistance for solar specifications for new homes and developments.  We can assess plans and designs prior to the tender process and advise array locations, inverter locations, module and inverter specifications.