The MPV Difference

Personalised service from a family company that has been in business for over 25 years

  • Tailored solutions to suit your needs using the best components in the industry
  • Installation teams that are employees, who take pride in their workmanship. Not sub-contractors who need to install to a price
  • We include monitoring of all our systems, so both you – the owner of the system, and MPV Solar can ensure the ongoing performance
  • In the case of roof tiles, some can become brittle with age and cracking can occur during installation. We keep a wide range of concrete and terra cotta tiles at our warehouse and replace any damaged tiles on the day of installation, to ensure the integrity of your roof.
  • We pride ourselves on not just ensuring the best installation, but also our after sales service, including any queries about your new system regarding performance and monitoring interpretation

Our systems are designed and installed to last at least 25 years by not only using the best solar modules and inverters, but also the highest quality balance of system components, including;

Marine grade, stainless steel cladded roof top isolators made in Austria by IMO

Inverter isolators made in Austria and Finland by Benedikt & Jager and NHP/Katko

Solar panel wiring supported with stainless steel clips (not plastic)

Australian made life-long, recyclable solar conduit

Built for purpose roof seal gaskets